“Game On” is a series in which we examine the companies, creators, and games in crowdfunding. We look at the journey, ideas, and concepts the creators wanted to bring to market with their product.

Monster Slaughter was created by a French board game company called Ankama Games. Ankama Games was founded by Anthony Roux and Camille chafer and Emmanuel Darras. The company name is a splice of sections of all three of the creators names. Ankama Games has a long history of game creation starting back in 2003 with the creation of their video game Dofus. The company has worked in publishing, animation, and web development mostly working in video games and comic books. Other games the company has created are Dofus, VNOG, WAkfu, FlyN, Tactile Wars, King Tongue, Drag’n’boom, Kroshmaster, Krosmaga and Waven.

Ankama reached out to Kickstarter To launch their Monster Slaughter game on October 31, 2017 as a Halloween treat. By the end of their first night they were 60% funded, bumping them up to number 2 on Kicktraq’s hotlist. Their project reach complete funding a few days later on November 4. After their campaign they shared artwork that had been created from some of the community including paintings, photographs, painted miniatures, and so on. Monster Slaughter continues to share these in their Kickstarter updates. You can see their latest in update #82.

The storyline behind Monster Slaughter is on a cold dark night, a full moon hangs in the sky. A group of teenagers is hanging out in a cabin in the woods when they discover something lurking in the forest. It’s you! Players get to choose from various monsters. They can be the were wolf family, vampires, golems, zombies, and plan out their victims and how to hunt them down without mercy. Other monsters will compete to see which monster inspires the most dread. The object of the game is to kill the most people before the other monsters kill them.

The game has a unique design with a round game board that has a cabin that sits in the center. The cabin must be built and then deconstructed each time that you play and will fit nicely into the box. There is a multitude of monsters that you can choose from to attack the humans in the game. The monsters stand outside the cabin and roll the dice. If the player rolls the right amount then they are allowed to enter the cabin. Players must search the room to see if there are any humans there when the monsters see them they can attack. An opposing player can help the human to defend themselves with a weapon card from their hand. To find out more about how to play the game or to see the Monster Slaughter Kickstarter Campaign you may visit the links below.

Game Information:
Number of player: 2-5 players
Suggested Play Time: 45-60 minutes
Suggested Age: 14+

Included in the box:
1 Cabin
Game Box
The Monsters
The Victims
Free Sleeves
The Cards
The Dice
The Tokens
The Toolshed
Surprise Guests

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: October 31, 2017
Ship Date: Januray 4, 2019
Website: Ankama Games