“Game On” is a series in which we examine the companies, creators, and games in crowdfunding. We look at the journey, ideas, and concepts the creators wanted to bring to market with their product.

Facade Games is a definite favorite in the gaming industry. Their creativity and knack for providing a unique player experience has propelled Holly and Travis into being full time game creators. Travis grew up playing board games with his family. Mafia being one of his favorites. He started creating his own version of Mafia which evolved and eventually decided to go ahead and publish Salem 1692 as his first game on Kickstarter which was very successful. His wife Holly worked as a teacher until their game career took off when they launched their second game on Kickstarter which was Tortuga 1667. The launch of that game propelled them into the gaming business. Deadwood, is their most recent project as the third game that they have published and it has been equally successful.

Facade games reached out to Kickstarter as their trusted source of launching their games. Deadwood launched February 20th and they were able to raise all of the money for it’s campaign on the day that it was launched. Not only that, but they were also able to reach another one of their stretch goals on that day as well, and unlock a new expansion Safe called “Cash” into each copy of the game. By February 23rd, they had unlocked three more stretch goals as their campaign quickly gained momentum. Within a month, Facade Games had raised almost $600,000 with Deadwood being their most successful Kickstarter campaign yet.  

Facade Games has a knack for creating games that are like stepping into a history book and being able to interact as one of the characters. Each of their games looks like a book that you can store right on the shelf. They all portray a specific time and interesting place in history with characters that actually existed, or could have existed. Their main goal as company is to create games that are flawless, have unique mechanisms, provide simplicity for the casual gamer, have original interesting packaging, and beautiful illustration and design.

Deadwood is a Safe-robbing game of teamwork and betrayal, set in 1876. Gold was discovered in Deadwood South Dakota. The town was filled with cowboys, businessmen, gamblers and entertainers. Players get to play one of the characters that is staying at one of the establishments in town. They along with their associates are working together to steal some of the gold-filled safes floating around the city. Deadwood is a social deduction game where you work with teammates to collect gold, but in the end the team with the most gold will have to fight each other to the death to be the winner. Facade games has done it again providing a thrilling way to play out fun roles in history.  You can view their successful kickstarter campaign or view their latest game Deadwood by visiting the links below.

Game Information:
Number of player: 2-9
Suggested Play Time: 20-40 minutes
Suggested Age: 13+

Included in the box:
1 Magnetic book box
1 Faux leather pouch
1 Rulebook (includes character biographies and Deadwood history)
3 Wood carved platforms
9 Wood star pawns
10 Wood engraved dice
79 cards (9 Characters, 20 Safes, 50 Deadwood)

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: February 20, 2018
Ship Date: December 5, 2018
Website: Facade Games