Your project has offered products from past campaigns, making for a long list of product SKUs. To help with packing orders for delivery and the invoices included in each package, creators now have easy access to printing picklists and invoices.

When preparing the orders for delivery, the picklist allows your team to view exactly which SKUs belong to each order. Each order picklist will export in a PDF allowing you to view each order on it's own page, to avoid any confusion between orders. It's important to note that the picklist does not include product cost.

The invoice includes the product cost which is often included in the package for taxes, customs and duties purposes. An individual order invoice will generate per order including order and product details with prices.

There are two ways to print picklists and invoices. Accessing general Orders, and selecting  'Picklists' or 'Invoices' from the Export drop-down menu will include all completed orders. A PDF will generate with an individual page(s) for each order. If you need to print a picklist or invoice for an individual order, simply access the order and select the print option found in the 'Actions' menu.

Click here for help with printing picklists.

Click here for help with printing invoices.

We hope that this feature helps with the fulfillment portion of your campaign by giving you easy access to the product SKUs and packing invoice for each order.